We invited CEOs, Senior Execs, and Influencers to our spareroom for a coffee to get the low down on what it takes to replicate their success, in their own words.


Episode 001

Enterprise sales strategy, and building startup credibility
ft. Hesus Inoma.

Episode 002

How to win big deals, startup sales strategy ft. Hongbo Sun.

Episode 003

How to be culturally relevant on YouTube ft. Thomas Arnold.

Episode 004

PR, Publishing books, and Partner Programs ft. Iliyana Stareva.

Episode 005

Scaling a Startup from Dublin ft. Parkpnp (Garret and Daniel).

Episode 006

Applying Seth Godin's AltMBA for startups ft. Conor McCarthy.

Episode 007

How to build a business in 20 hours a week only ft. Yasmin Vorajee.

Episode 008

Finding inspiration to create great content ft. Rory Kelly

Episode 009

Becoming a #1 Global Sales Rep at Hubspot ft. Sharen Murnaghan

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