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Life is short, and your time? Well, gold. You are busy. Your customers are everywhere (yes even on Spotify). Here's how we help you get them.

Created while you sleep
Still deciding between creating videos vs podcasts? Social posts vs blogs? Spend 1 hour and get all of the above, custom-made, on-brand, every month. 
100% in-house
Outsourcing content can be risky, like marrying a blind date. Keep all your content in-house. All we need is an hour of your time every month.
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Check out what's in your box every month:

Original Series Strategy
Work closely with our team to put together an original series strategy for your business using our proven process used by enterprises and small businesses alike.
This includes setting goals, topic and guest strategy, AV setup, and tons more.
Full Video Episode (16:9)
Film the content in-house or hire our team to do it. Whether its smartphones or DSLRs, get your footage into professional-grade episodes.

youtube, IGTV, facebook

Subtitled Video MC (1:1)
From the full episode, get spun off, subtitled micro-content videos. Designed for quick engagement, they could be anywhere from 00:30 to 2:00 min long.

Linkedin, instagram, and facebook

Non-Subtitled Video Microcontent (16:9)
Improve your chances for ranking in Google search and YouTube with dedicated 16:9 micro-content videos designed for audio and video.


Subtitled videos have a 91% watch rate and boost CTAs by 26% (uscreen, 2018).

Audio Podcast
Get your video episodes turned into polished audio podcasts. This lets your audience listen to you while they work, commute, exercise (or at home).

soundcloud, spotify, and itunes

Get written articles crafted by our writers that summarise the topics that the episode covered, written in 1st person. You can easily modify it to your liking.

medium, linkedin, and quora

Image Quotes (16:9)
Keep the conversations flowing with poster quotes inspired by the episodes and those in them, beautifully designed to suit your brand guidelines.

linkedin and twitter

Image Quotes (1:1)
Keep things native with repurposed images that suit 1:1 aspect ratio platforms as well - so that you double down on both quality and quantity.

instagram and facebook

Boost and measure content ROI

Use our UTM tracking analytics system with every piece of content to be able to track first-touch attribution in your funnel across:

(across all social channels)
(pillar/micro-content specific)
Start your original series today for free (limited time only) Sign up free