Repurpose your existing content

Make your existing content work harder for you by turning your long-form videos into smaller video, audio, image, and written content. 

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Designed for teams that need content done, minus the headache.

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Lightning-fast onboarding

We'll get you set up in no time. During this time, we'll create custom-templates that are aligned with your brand guidelines.

Repurpose content in just a few clicks

Every month, use your dashboard to upload videos, leave notes for our team, and select the formats and aspect ratios you need repurposed. Formats include:

  • Subtitled video clips
  • Memorable image quotes
  • Written articles
  • Audio podcasts

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repurpose content in a few clicks
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Work with humans

Need us to fine-tune something and keep it in mind moving forward? Need to edit things out? We got you covered with revisions baked into our process to make sure everything is just right.

Easy, flexible credits system

No need to have it all figured out. Our credit system allows you to experiment and stay flexible as you learn and grow. 1 credit gets you any of:

  • 5 video microcontent
  • 5 image quotes
  • 5 audiograms
  • 1 edited video episode
  • 1 edited audio podcast
  • 1 blog
  • 1 SEO blog (needs 1 additional credit)

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