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How to use LinkedIn for sales: create a show and invite your prospects to it

If you haven't already read Give and Take by Adam Grant and your job is in some way connected to sales, you're missing out. It's...

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Using the challenger sales model to create your original series

It all started with Sharen.

She's the number #1 global rep at Hubspot (just check this forbes article). She is a friend and...

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We should've went to KFC. Notes to self about building a sales outreach strategy

I've had a sour sales experience recently. No it wasn't a cold call.

Here's a personal story that would soon teach me a lesson.


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The Ultimate Guide to Getting ROI from Event Sponsorship (using episodic content)

If you have an upcoming event that you're going to be a sponsor at, or are thinking about sponsoring one in the near future - the...

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The ultimate guide to shorten your sales cycles using episodic content in 2020

Imagine if you can co-create content with the type of people you hope to be in business with? 

Many marketing directors and VPs...

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