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Using the challenger sales model to create your original series

It all started with Sharen.

She's the number #1 global rep at Hubspot (just check this forbes article). She is a friend and...

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We should've went to KFC. Notes to self about building a sales outreach strategy

I've had a sour sales experience recently. No it wasn't a cold call.

Here's a personal story that would soon teach me a lesson.


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The Ultimate Guide to Getting ROI from Event Sponsorship (using episodic content)

If you have an upcoming event that you're going to be a sponsor at, or are thinking about sponsoring one in the near future - the...

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The ultimate guide to shorten your sales cycles using episodic content in 2019

Imagine if you can co-create content with the type of people you hope to be in business with? 

Many marketing directors and VPs...

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