How to turn your blogs into videos the easy way

By Kareem Mostafa

It's never been a better time to get more bang for your content by turning your past blog posts into videos.

The content repurposing movement is in full swing. With the pressure to create quality content both internally and externally (from discerning customers browsing online) marketers today need to think outside the box like it's nobody's business. 

This is article part of a larger series on repurposing content in 2019 .

Maybe it's common among introverts like me, but the truth of the matter is, writing often comes naturally to alot of people than filming videos. Besides, anyone of us who's been doing this long enough may naturally have more blogging experience than video experience. 

Maybe it started in school. All the homework teachers gave us were written assignments one way or another. Imagine we were given video assignments for homework instead? I digress. 

Fast forward to today, video content marketing is all the rage, and for good reason. It is one of the most attention retaining mediums today. How do us writers jump in on the trend to create videos too? 

1. Turn your blogs into scripts

I know you're getting ideas already, but stay with me. First of all in order to make blogs more script like, you need to ensure that your blogs don't sound like blogs to the viewer. Make sure it's natural to listen to. There is a checklist of items to ensure you're blog post is script ready.


Make a copy of the blog 

Make a copy of the blog post so that you can edit it freely as needed. It is good practice to have if at least slight differences between the final script and the original blog. Naturally, video can be your chance to riff more on a topic beyond the blog. 


Read it out loud

Which parts sound article like and which parts sound more conversational? A lot of great video content often starts off either in the 2nd person or in the 1st person, but I don't think it's a rule.


Remove the fat

What parts are repetitive, or do not serve the viewer, or only make sense when written but not read? Shred those off. 


Decide your hook and intro 

You've heard this before. Great videos start with an attention grabbing hook.

This could be 1 or 2 sentences that explain to a viewer what's in it for them, or appeal to their curiosity in some form. A simple trick here is to load up 2 or 3 of your favourite YouTube creator videos to draw inspiration from how they start their videos. Once you write that down, you would be able to standardise it across all your videos to achieve coherence and structure. You can do the same with your endings. For example, always ending with a question, or a CTA. 


2. Find a common theme among your blogs, make it a show

When deciding on your blogs to turn to scripts, figure out what other blogs share a commonality with the first one you nominated. How can you build sequence and continuity between them? If you can, you're on your way to creating great episodic content - your business's own original series.

Examples of themes could be: 

Topical themes

These could be blog posts that you've previously tagged under the one topic, where each blog post is related to one another. 


What better way to promote content offers that took blood sweat and tears to design and create than by repurposing them into several video installments. This can be especially powerful for whitepapers, guides, and checklists. 


3. Film the content your smartphone 

If you have a film crew or DSLR handy, more power to you. Today, all you need to get started is your smartphone camera. There are apps such as Filmic Pro that provide you additional control, but any stock camera app that comes with an iPhone or Android device should suffice. 


4. Get this cool teleprompter app 

Your video content is way more believable and engaging when you look the camera in the eye, or as close to that as you can get.

Some rules of thumb are, the closer you are to the lens, the easier it is for people to see your specific eye movement. The further away you are, the more you can get away with glancing just near the lens without it being distracting to the viewer. That said, if you're on smartphone - you may consider finding a teleprompter app. We've tested Oratory before and it was great. Simply paste your script, select your reading speed, and have it run in overlay while you film using the camera app.


5. Do more than one.

Here's the thing. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it's not always going to be perfect. I would say, it's an exception if you find the first one was perfect right away. The momentum of putting out blog after blog will get you motivated, get your audience excited, and also help you sharpen your video skills as you continue to repurpose more blogs into videos using the methods we discussed above. 

Bonus tip: If you find yourself already "in the zone" you might as well keep going, and create film videos in batches in one sitting.

Final Thoughts:

So there you have it. An easy way to not let your blogging efforts go un-noticed, by repurposing the content to serve as videos as well. The added benefit here, especially in B2B, is that people do business with other humans like them, and this could be a great way to put a face behind the written content that you create.


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