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How to Choose a Content Repurposing Service

If you’re familiar with content repurposing, you know it’s the best way to boost your ROI from content production in just about...

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How to Use Podcasts for Micromarketing

At first glance, combining podcasts with micromarketing seems… well, bizarre. We think of podcasts as longer pieces of content,...

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10 Awesome Podcast Names (And How To Get Yours)

The world of podcasting is getting more competitive by the day. For businesses looking to create one for themselves, there’s a...

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How to Use Tactical Planning in Content Marketing

In my years of helping companies develop content marketing strategies, I’ve seen a lot of great ones. Sadly, the number of...

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Behind Atlassian's podcast Teamistry ft. Christine Dela Rosa and John Ville

Thomas Edison was not the first to invent the lightbulb. 


In fact, "The unrecognized masterstroke of Edison was he brought...

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The Ultimate Guide to Producing Video Podcasts in 2020

So much of getting a podcast right comes down to production. Sure you need a great host, but as a podcast host and producer...

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How To Write An Ear-Catching Podcast Script

Podcast listeners are absolutely spoiled for choice these days. With new podcasts arriving on the scene daily, you need a way to...

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What is a Vodcast and Does Your Business Need One?

Today, without a video strategy for social media, your business is losing out on an unprecedented time for brand building. That’s...

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How to Create a Video Podcast for Your Business and Get with the Times

It’s harder than ever to find innovative advertising strategies to engage and delight your customers. Fewer of them are watching...

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How to Use Integrated Media Planning in Your Marketing
As a marketer, you’re already well aware of the power of repeated messaging. Often it’s something like ads for those shoes you...
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