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Turn 1 hour of your time into 1 month of influencer-style content, every month.

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That's right captain funky pants, this is done-for-you content in a monthly subscription box.   


You’re a small business owner with lots to do. We’re professionals that previously worked at Google, Hubspot, and LinkedIn with deep experience helping brands and marketing agencies.


Let us take content off your hands forever—so you can focus on what matters most. 





What Our Customers Say

"Using tribetactics helped us save a lot of time in manual content creation, which we were able to allocate to other core business needs.

For every 30 or so mins we spent shooting new video footage, we got tons of content in various formats, across various platforms. This helped us reach new audiences efficiently all across social."

Eric H.
Content Marketing Manager



Your monthly subscription box in 3 simple steps.



Send Your Footage

Every month, we'll help you strategize and plan your episodic content series. This can be a talk show, vlog, or live event. Simple record and send us the raw footage, or hire our film crew*.


We Do Our Thing

Get your footage post-produced professionally to publish on YouTube and Spotify. Then, get tons of micro-content pieces done for you to distribute all across social, influencer-style.

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Grow, Analyze, Repeat

Get UTM tracking links to help you track every single piece of content. Understand what's working, and get actionable insights to re-target, nurture, and grow your brand month on month.







The content struggle is real.




It's hard to do content + run a business.

Let's face it, it's 2019.  You know that creating original content for your target audience is key to sustaining and growing your business.
But it's simply not scalable for a small team to be constantly creating content while also attending to core business needs. It drains more resources and time with no guarantee of success. 






It's risky to outsource content.

You wouldn't get a stranger to be your company's official ambassador, would you? 
Outsourcing content to any freelancer or content mill is the same thing, except it's more amplified. When 81% buy from brands based on the content they see online, we all need you back in the drivers seat doing your own content.
We'll do the heavy-lifting every step of the way.



We make it easier, and more effective



Get original content, minus the stress.

We believe no one understands your target customers quite like you. Make your expertise shine through every time, building your influence and personal brand(s) as you go.
Your subscription box covers all post production and content creation. If you hire our film crew we'll cover your pre-production as well. You just simply show up and talk about what you know best. 






More time to Netflix.

With our monthly subscription box, and an hour of your time, you get tons of original micro-content in video, audiowritten, and image formats - all featuring you. That's a lot of content! 
Included in your box are deep analytics insights to understand audience engagement, traffic sources, and more.


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