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Have a video series or video podcast show? Maybe you're planning to start one. Use tribetactics to repurpose each episode into 50+ pieces of distributable content. Start building your branded original series today.

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Every episode gets repurposed into 50+ distributable pieces of content. From YouTube episodes to Spotify podcasts, to Instagram posts and Medium articles - we got you.

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If you're a founder, marketer, or in sales, what can you do with 10 extra hours a week? 40 hours a month? Give your team superpowers to do 4x the content in a fraction of the time.


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It takes 11 touchpoints, 7 hours, and 4 different ways before buyers make a purchase. Use content to build relationships with show guests to attract partnerships and opportunities faster.

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Why outsource content when you can get all the credit? Quantify the revenue impact and cost-savings of your content so you can confidently show marketing's contribution, every month.

How it works

Your monthly subscription box in 3 simple steps.






You Drop.

Drop your raw camera and audio files and we'll craft your polished YouTube and Spotify episodes.





We Chop.

We take the full episodes and create more videos, images, and articles to distribute all across social, influencer-style. 



Ship, Grow, Repeat.

We ship you video, audio, written, and image content ready to publish. Easily measure & track ROI from each piece of content to re-target, nurture, and grow month on month.

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